Frequently Asked Questions
What does Cartridge Network do?
We are an independent reseller (non-franchise) of everything for your inkjet or laser printer, all-in-one or MFP machine, fax or copier machines.
We sell and ship a wide range of printer cartridge supplies - OEM, factory remanufactured and factory new compatibles:
• Ink cartridges
• Toner cartridges
• Laser drums and maintenance (replacement fuser, transfer roller and rollers or pads) kits
• Printer ribbons and fax ribbons
• Photo paper and specialty paper for your printer
• Printer cables
We stock, sell and service printers of all sorts. We sell new and refurbished machines.
Our store is in Portland, OR. where we have a large walk-in consumer and business base. We also support business accounts ranging from small offices, to medium sized businesses with multiple locations to several publicly traded companies.
We ship to locations nationwide (Contiguous 48 states only).
This new “On-line Store” is intended to expand customer sales, service / support primarily in the Pacific North West.
Why Cartridge Network vs the cheap products sold elsewhere online and via Amazon?
We deal with cartridges and users daily. We know where and how to assist people and businesses.
As a store, we have some the most competitive pricing and largest in-stock selection in our area.
Our on-line pricing is competitive with like quality levels.
We offer multiple levels of product quality selections.
The cartridges listed on Amazon and elsewhere are usually the cheapest (low quality levels) sold by Chinese sales departments of provincial government supported factories “dumping” inferior products. Routinely, people come in to the store with cheap products purchased on-line and complain about it. We end up recycling the cartridges for them and then better meeting their needs.
Are your cartridges original or remanufactured?
We sell original (OEM), factory new compatible and factory remanufactured cartridges. Factory compatibles and factory remanufactured cartridges are clearly labeled.
What does "remanufactured" mean?
A remanufactured cartridge is a used cartridge (single use empty OEM), which has been factory cleaned, and as applicable certain components replaced with new parts, and filled with ink or toner as applicable which is the specific formulation for the specific cartridge and a new replacement chip attached as applicable, so that it can be used again.
Remanufactured ink and laser cartridges are a lower cost alternative to originals, and can provide substantive savings.
Will your cartridges void my printer's warranty?
Aftermarket cartridges do not void your printer’s warranty. A US federal law, the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, protects your right to use any of the cartridges without their voiding your printer's warranty, that governs all warrantied merchandise and goods sold in the USA.
Do you recycle empty cartridges?
We have an in-store “drop off” recycling program and we have a limited “pick up” service for a limited number of business accounts.
If you want to send us your empty cartridges at your expense obviously we will recycle them. However, most of the Office Depots’ of the world have in-store recycling programs where a limited per unit credit can be earned for use on future purchases.
What do you charge for shipping?
Free shipping on orders over $34.95
What carriers do you use?
We ship via US Mail, UPS, FedEx and OnTrac for regular Ground shipping.
If you have selected overnight or second day shipping, we will use FedEx Overnight or UPS Next Day or 2nd Day service.
How quickly do you ship?
All orders are shipped within 24 business hours; usually same day as payment is processed.  There are various “cut off times” for shipments.
How long will it take for me to receive my order?
Our customers receive 97% of orders in 1- 3 days. However, certain “special order or unusual items may take longer. In addition to shipping from our location in Portland, we also ship from over 20 warehouses across the USA for fast delivery times to any State in the contiguous “lower 48”
Do you offer expedited shipping?
Yes. We typically pass along same cost billed to us. Call to inquire.
Do you ship outside the USA?
Not at this time.
Do you ship to Canada/Puerto Rico/US territories?
Not at this time.
Do You ship to Hawaii/Alaska?
Not at this time.
What credit cards does Cartridge Network accept?
Most major debit or credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
I don't have a credit card. Can I pay with a check or money order?
Yes. Please send the check or money order to us at:

Cartridge Network
6800 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy.
Portland, OR. 97225
Contact us in advance so the an invoice / order is set up.
Does Cartridge Network accept purchase orders?
Yes, we accept purchase orders.
Call to arrange account management / establishment.
If you like our products and service, How can you thank us?
Tell all your friends about us! We'd love to have their business as well and give us a favorable Yelp, Google review.
Thank you very much for being our customer. We appreciate your business as does Tigre the wonder cat!
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